FPD Communication vis-a-vis Covid-19

In view of the spread of Covid-19, with immediate effect and until further notice, in order to protect its clients and staff, the Funds and Programmes Division (FPD) shall be accepting visits strictly by appoitment, specifying the scope of the requested meeting. Furthermore, all visitors have to wear adequate personal protective equipment and are subjected to all applicable sanitisation/social distancing measures as prescribed by the Health Authorities.

Clients are encouraged to regularly follow the FPD website www.eufunds.gov.mt for notifications.  They can also contact the Division by phone or else make use of its electronic services to avail themselves of FPD’ services.

Whilst doing our best to ensure continuity of service, FPD appreciates the clients’ support and cooperation.

Any applications for funding or queries should be submitted ONLY through email on the following email addresses (kindly follow the dedicated website pages for more information linked to each programme):

Rural Development Programmes (RDP) on rdd.mfea@gov.mt

Fisheries Programme on fpd.mfea@gov.mt

Territorial Cooperation Programmes on territorialcoop.fpd@gov.mt

EEA Norway Funds on eeanorway@gov.mt

Migration Funds on fpd.mfea@gov.mt

General Queries on fpd.mfea@gov.mt


In case of assistance, before setting any appoitments, clients are encouraged to call on the following numbers:

Fisheries Fund – Tel +356 2200 1273, + 356 2200 1228

Migration Funds – Tel +356 2200 1158, + 356 2200 1145

Territorial Cooperation Programmes – Tel +356 2200 1104, +356 2200 1160, +356 2200 1284 

EEA NORWAY Programme – Tel +356 2200 1115, +356 2200 1151

National Authority – Erasmus + - Tel +356 2200 1127


Rural Development Programme – (refer to table below): 


Contact Tel number

M1.1 (Training), M1.2 (Demonstration Activities and Information Actions), M2.1 (Advisory), M10.1 (AECM), M11 (Organic), M13.3 (ANC)

+356 2200 1137

M4.2 (Processing), M6.4 (Diversification), M10.2 (conservation & sustainable use & development of genetic resources in agriculture)

+356 2200 1083

M4.1 New Applications

+356 22001117

M4.1 Contracted Projects (Investments in agricultural holdings), M6.1 (Young Farmers)

+356 2200 1162


M3.1 (Quality Schemes), M3.2 (Quality Schemes Promotion), M4.3 (Development, modernisation or adaptation of agriculture and forestry – Roads and Water), M16.2 (cooperation, pilot projects), M16.4 (co-operation among supply chain actors), M16.6 (co-operation, provision of biomass)

+356 2200 1059

M4.4 (Non-productive investments Rubble Walls), M8.5 (Forestry)

+356 2200 1177


+356 2200 1120

Other Programmes/issues  – Tel +356 2200 1476 


Updated on 10/06/2020