Intelligent Fish feeding through Integration of Enabling technologies and Circular principles

iFishIENCi will deliver breakthrough innovations supporting sustainable aquaculture, based on enabling technologies and circular principles, thereby providing the European aquaculture industry with the competitive advantage and growth stimulation needed to be a mover in revolutionizing global efficiency in fish production and meet society's needs for food from the ocean. This ambitious task will be achieved by providing to the market the iFishIENCi Biology Online Steering System (iBOSS) that significantly improves production control and management for all fish aquaculture systems.

This project was funded through Horizon 2020 under Societal Challenge 2 'Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy'.

It consists of 16 partners and the Maltese beneficiary is also the coordinator of the project receiving € 663 743,87 of EU funds. 


More information on 'Societal Challenges Pillar' and more examples of local participation can be found through this video: link.

€ 7,131,140.24