Measure 10.2 - Support for conservation and sustainable use and development of genetic resources in agriculture

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This sub-measure aims to provide conservation, development and sustainable use of genetic resources in agriculture to ensure that the largest possible genetic diversity within each species is preserved over the very long term.

Genetic resources are a strategic resource at the heart of sustainable production.  Their efficient conservation and use is critical to safeguard food and nutrition security, now and in the future.  Meeting this challenge will require a continued stream of improved crops and varieties adapted to particular agroecosystem conditions.  The loss of genetic diversity reduces the options for sustainably managing resilient agriculture, in the face of adverse environments, and rapidly fluctuating meteorological conditions.

The limited land and the need to produce more and varied products have led to the introduction of new species and varieties, the end result being that our local genotypes have already been lost or are in danger of becoming extinct.  This sub-measure intends to support activities that will enable the valoraisation of these varieties (plant and animal) that are specifically vulnerable to genetic erosion.   

The Managing Authority would like to notify that Measure 10.2 will remain open until 24th September 2019. Unless otherwise notified by the MA, no further applications will be received after this date. 


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Published On: 19/06/2019