Measure 11.2 - Payment to maintain organic farming practices and methods

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The measure provides support for farmers to maintain organic farming practices for a minimum of 5 years. This measure will therefore provide support to farmers that have converted to organic farming, after two years of benefitting from measure 11.1.

This measure shall also provide support for farmers who are already certified as organic producers and who have not benefitted under sub-measure 11.1. Beneficiaries must commit themselves to maintain the certified organic land for a minimum period of 5 years.

Support for M11.2 is available for 5 years. This timeframe may be extended at the Managing Authority’s discretion, in line with Article 29 (3) of Regulation EU No. 1305/2013.

The rate of payment for M11.2 will be €555.28/ha for land which is in organic status.

Applications for participating in this scheme will be received between the 22nd of July and 16th September 2019.

Applicants are required to provide their ID card and site plans of field/s. If representing someone else, one also needs to provide a notarised power of attorney and the ID card of the representative. In case of transfer of land by inheritance, a copy of the will is required.

Applications will be received between 7.30am and 12.00pm at the ARPA Front Office at Pitkali Markets, Ta’ Qali, and in the Gozo Front Office at the Government Experimental Farm, Xewkija.

More information concerning the application process can be obtained by contacting the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency on 2292 6148 or

More information concerning the schemes can be obtained from by contacting the Managing Authority on 2200 1108 or

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Published On: 26/07/2019