Measure 16 - Cooperation

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The cooperation measure of the Rural Development Programme supports new or innovative joint activity by assisting operators in working together to overcome disadvantages faced in rural areas, such as fragmentation, communication, economies of scale, and difficulties of integration. This measure offers support that can be used to make new and innovative processes happen rather than supporting joint activities which are already taking place. The measure could also be used to support an existing group of cooperating entities in undertaking a new joint project.

This offers support for groups, partnerships and cooperative activities to assist in the achievement of a wide range of RDP objectives. Given the very small-scale nature of farms, the large-scale nature of many of Malta’s needs in for example water management and market development, and the difficulties of undertaking cooperation activities in Malta this measure is an important component of the RDP.

Support for cooperation will help encourage the formation of partnerships that will be necessary to undertake improvements in environmental quality, supply chain efficiencies, and sustainable energy, water and waste management.

Measure 16 is divided into three sub-measures, namely:

16.2 – ‘Support for pilot projects, and for the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies’;

16.4 – ‘Support for horizontal and vertical co-operation among supply chain actors for the establishment and development of short supply chains and local markets, and for promotion activities in a local context relating to the development of short supply chains and local markets’;

16.6 – ‘Support for cooperation among supply chain actors for sustainable provision of biomass for use in food and energy production and industrial processes’.