Measure 4.2 - Support for Investments in processing or marketing and or development of agricultural products

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This sub-measure aims to support farmers and processors in adding value to primary products or in developing new products, and/or opening up new markets.

Processing of an agricultural product means any operation on an agricultural product resulting in a product which is also an agricultural product (Annex I TFEU).  Processing activities cannot relate to on-farm preparation of an agricultural product for first sale.  Support for Marketing must link to activities further down the supply chain, and not to first sale of primary produce.  However, primary producers may benefit from marketing support if making sales to final consumers of a product in separate premises reserved for that purposes. Development of agricultural products mainly refers to adding value to agricultural products, improving quality beyond standards, applying new production methods and technologies or improving product presentation.

By way of example, this measure may support the introduction of technologies and procedures in order to develop new or higher quality products and open up new markets, especially in the context of short supply chains; and investments in order to comply with Union standards that will become compulsory for the holding in the near future

The first call is restricted to Processing and/or Development Only.

The Managing Authority would like to notify that Measure 4.2 will remain open until 2nd July 2019. Unless otherwise notified, no applications will be accepted after this date.  

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Published On: 21/11/2018