Official opening of the newly acquired offices in Paola as part of Opportunity Knocks (OK) project – 14 June 2019

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9:30am - 11:00am

FSWS, Paola
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An office which offers services to vulnerable young people between the ages of 13 and 18 was opened in Paola. The office, which is operating under the Foundation of Social Services, is called OK, Opportunity Knocks, and will be offering a multi-disciplinary service from youth workers and social workers so that young people can be given a push to reach their aspirations, including subsidies for educational courses which they might have lost because of their vulnerable situations.

Family Minister Michael Falzon explained that this service is being made available thanks to €940,000 in funding from the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area namely Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.  Minister Falzon said that the funds would cover two years’ service and thereafter, there is a plan for the service to continue using national funds. According to the Minister it is estimated that there are around 2000 young people who are in poverty-stricken situations and therefore the service is aiming to reach these young people so that they will not continue in the cycle of poverty.

Parliamentary Secretary Aaron Farrugia said that this project was chosen following long negotiations by donor countries so that through the work carried out among young vulnerable people, the aim of Malta to eradicate poverty completely among those who are most disadvantaged, would be reached.

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