Sub-measure 2.1 - Support to help Benefiting from the Use of Advisory Services

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The scope of this sub-measure is to provide assistance to farmers through recognized Farm Advisory Service Entities recognized by the Farm Advisory Service Registration Board within the ARPA by meeting the costs arising from their use of advisory services to improve the overall performance of the farmers’ holding. As a minimum the advisory services must cover the statutory management requirements, the GAEC and the occupational safety standards based on EU legislation. The recipients of the advice is restricted to farmers up to €1,500 per event.

In line with section 1.11 - 'Calls Procedure' of the guidelines for sub-measure 2.1, the Managing Authority notifies that the ongoing call will close on the 18th July 2019. The call will be re-issued in due course. 


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Published On: 02/07/2019