Information Session and thematic workshops on EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation

Through workshops on the thematic areas of the call, this information Session will focus on the Concept Note and tips on how to prepare a competitive proposal.

Measure 6.1 - Business start-up aid for young farmers

This measure will assist young farmers who intend to engage in an agricultural activity as the main holders of a farm or land and are setting up for the first time.

Published On: 13/03/2018 open_call
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Measure 3.1 - Support for New Participation in Quality Schemes

This sub-measure aims to provide support for farmers and others to join schemes to provide quality schemes for products.




Published On: 06/03/2018 open_call
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Other Funds 2014-2020

Malta has the opportunity to benefit from other funding opportunites. 
Additional information may be obtained from the respective Managing Authorities / Responsible Bodies.

Click on  "Other Funds" or  "Read More" to view contact details and links related to each entity. 

Measure 13 - compensation payment to other areas affected by specific constraints

The Maltese territory is considered as 100% ANC (formerly known as less favoured area), therefore all agricultural land in Malta is eligible for payments under this measure.

Published On: 14/02/2018 open_call
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Measure 10.1 - Agri Environmental Climate Measures (various measures)

Agri-environment-climate measures (AECMs) are designed to encourage farmers to protect and enhance the environment on the land that they manage.

Published On: 14/02/2018 open_call
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Measure 4.4 - Support for non-productive investments linked to the achievement of agri-environment-climate objectives

Non-productive investments (NPIs) are investments which do not generate a significant return, income, or revenue, or increase significantly the value of the beneficiary’s holding, but have a positive environmental impact.

Published On: 14/02/2018 open_call
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Fond Agrikolu Ewropew għall-Iżvilupp Rurali (FAEŻR) 2014-2020

Rural development programmes provide co-funding for projects with economic, environmental or social objectives, primarily targeting farmers, farms and SMEs in rural areas.

Measure 4.1 - Support for Investments in Agricultural Holdings

The aim of this sub-measure is to support investment in cost-effective and environmentally efficient systems.

Published On: 25/01/2018 open_call
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