Measure 6.1 - Business start-up aid for young farmers

This measure will assist young farmers who intend to engage in an agricultural activity as the main holders of a farm or land and are setting up for the first time.

Published On: 13/03/2018 open_call
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Measure 3.1 - Support for New Participation in Quality Schemes

This sub-measure aims to provide support for farmers and others to join schemes to provide quality schemes for products.




Published On: 06/03/2018 open_call
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Other Funds 2014-2020

Malta has the opportunity to benefit from other funding opportunites. 
Additional information may be obtained from the respective Managing Authorities / Responsible Bodies.

Click on  "Other Funds" or  "Read More" to view contact details and links related to each entity. 

Measure 13 - compensation payment to other areas affected by specific constraints

The Maltese territory is considered as 100% ANC (formerly known as less favoured area), therefore all agricultural land in Malta is eligible for payments under this measure.

Published On: 14/02/2018 open_call
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Measure 10.1 - Agri Environmental Climate Measures (various measures)

Agri-environment-climate measures (AECMs) are designed to encourage farmers to protect and enhance the environment on the land that they manage.

Published On: 14/02/2018 open_call
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Measure 4.4 - Support for non-productive investments linked to the achievement of agri-environment-climate objectives

Non-productive investments (NPIs) are investments which do not generate a significant return, income, or revenue, or increase significantly the value of the beneficiary’s holding, but have a positive environmental impact.

Published On: 14/02/2018 open_call
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Fond Agrikolu Ewropew għall-Iżvilupp Rurali (FAEŻR) 2014-2020

Rural development programmes provide co-funding for projects with economic, environmental or social objectives, primarily targeting farmers, farms and SMEs in rural areas.

Measure 4.1 - Support for Investments in Agricultural Holdings

The aim of this sub-measure is to support investment in cost-effective and environmentally efficient systems.

Published On: 25/01/2018 open_call
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